cast bronze

photography by Andre Van de Ven

Bird Vessels

Abstracted bird forms

These works were in the Sculpture in the Gardens 2019-20, Auckland Botanic Gardens Indoor exhibition.

These Unique works are the first in this series of works which reference the art historical subject of the vessel and its relationship to the bird. Also ideas around emptiness, space, containment and the feminine principal.


Cast bronze

Artworks foundry

photos by Andre Van De Ven

Chess Pieces Bishop & Knight

Abstracted Chess forms

The Chess set pieces were my first sculptures. I was given some clay and a tool and this is what came out of that gift.


Cast bronze

Regal foundry

Holy Beetle

Abstracted beetle

The first in a series of one-off bronze beetles indulgently created for fun and imaginative play.


Cast bronze

Artworks foundry

Fugitive Landscapes

Katydid & Bees

Made for 2018 NZSOS Woman’s Refuge Exhibition.

This work speaks to the shifting ecosystems, crisis among species for survival and the need for adaptation.

It can also be seen as a metaphor for our own inner growth and renewal; dealing with change, upheaval or crisis; healing and allowance. I recreated my original ‘Katydid‘ 2002, using her alien and yet somehow feminine form, curling inward like an embrace.

Most of my bronzes are black, because there is no distraction to the form and it adds a solidity and foundation to the work. The gold, by contrast lifts and lightens details.

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