New Work


cast bronze

Molten Foundry

photos by Samantha Lissette

‘Private Commission’ – Panel Diptych, CBD, Auckland December 2023.

‘Vine Panel’ 

Abstracted vine with New Zealand Orchid.

This abstracted vine panel is the first in my series of sand cast bronze panels. The panels can be free standing or wall mounted, indoor or outdoor and what ever dimensions fit the space. Each panel comes in either a short run limited edition or unique commission.


cast bronze

Crucible Foundry

photos by Samantha Lissette

‘Holding Ground’ – Sculpture in the Gardens, exhibition held at Auckland Botanic Gardens, Manurewa, Auckland December 2023.

‘I Am Bear’ 

Abstracted walking Bear.

This abstracted Bear is the first in my series of animated abstracted animals. Each animal is chosen for the innate symbolic language it carries. Within some indigenous cultures it is believed the spirit of animals speaks to a universal symbology of inherent characteristics. I explore identity through the qualities innate to the animal I’ve chosen to represent. The Bear symbolises strength, family bonds and protection.

‘I Am Agony, I Am Ecstasy’

Two sides of a male face, sad & happy.

These works grapple with concepts around human nature.

It is in our nature to experience emotion. The human emotional experience is broad and complex and encompasses a vast range of feelings from the most negative, disconnected of feelings to the most positive, and all manner of complexity in between. My medal shows the face of a man, the left side of which is expressing great agony, and the right side expresses great Joy! When the face is seen as a whole it speaks to some emotion in between. At any given point in our lives we are in a state of emotion, anywhere from Agony to Ecstasy! 

The medal work ‘I Am Agony, I Am Ecstasy’ will be exhibited in the FIDEM International Congress, Florence, Italy in October 2023.


cast bronze

Monument Foundry / Regal Foundry

photos by Artis Gallery / Samantha Lissette

‘Our Nature’Medal Artists New Zealand, exhibition held at Artis Gallery, Parnell, Auckland March 2023.

‘I Am Bound’ 

Female figure bound in her own hair.

Restoration work will be completed in May 2023 for

Rose Cathedral

Rose Gardens, Auckland Botanic Gardens

Following the vandalisation of this public sculpture(two Kowhai broken off the archways), work will be completed to restore Rose Cathedral to her original state.

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