A Place to Stand

Flat cut-out Bear & cubs



Cast bronze

Regal foundry

photos by Andre Van De Ven

Bird Head

Bird head on coin

Limited edition

This small wall mounted bird head was originally made for the XXXIV FIDEM World Congress Belgium 2016. The congress was held in two cities in Belgium: Namur and Gent between 6 to 10/11 September 2016.


cast bronze

Regal foundry

photos by Samantha Lissette

‘Our Nature’ – Medal Artists New Zealand, exhibition held at Artis Gallery, Parnell, Auckland March 2023.

‘I Am Agony, I Am Ecstasy’

Two sides of a male face, sad & happy.

The medal work ‘I Am Agony, I Am Ecstasy’ will be exhibited in the FIDEM International Congress, Florence, Italy in October 2023.

It is in our nature to experience emotion. The human emotional experience is broad and complex and encompasses a vast range of feelings from the most negative, disconnected of feelings to the most positive, and all manner of complexity in between. My medal shows the face of a man, the left side of which is expressing great agony, and the right side expresses great Joy! When the face is seen as a whole it speaks to some emotion in between. At any given point in our lives we are in a state of emotion, anywhere from Agony to Ecstasy!


cast bronze . gold thread

photography by Andre Van de Ven

The Cat Who Got the Cream

MANZ medal

This work exhibited at the Sculpture in the Gardens 2019-20, Auckland Botanic Gardens Indoor exhibition.

This diptych medal embroidered with gold thread. Experimenting. This piece brought me back to childhood pleasures, sewing with my wonderful grandmother, Moya. She not only taught me to sew, knit and make dolls, she also bred cats, so I think this one is for her!


Cast bronze

Artworks foundry

photos by Andre Van De Ven


Abstracted Katydid & Tui attached to branch

Two sided medallion or hand held art medal.
Obverse Katydid . Reverse Tui

This medal explores ideas around the relationship to forms within nature, specifically forest dwellers; and in turn their anatomical relationship to the flora around them, ie. the similarity of forms within a given natural environment.


cast bronze

Regal foundry


Butterfly wings

Medallion . 2 sided

..a pair of wings to fly away

(possibly my favourite medal)


Cast bronze

Regal foundry

photos by Samantha Lissette

Stilled Life

Swan – Obverse; Reverse – wine, fruit, glass and leaf

Relief medal . 2 sided

Comment on man’s greed and separation from his fellow creatures.

Made for FIDEM International Congress, Portugal

Free standing

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